Yay! I have my own page! I feel all special.

It's so cool being in Beca's comic - I like how my character looks, and how cute Pinky is. And, I get to interact with Techhouse even though I'm not really there (like when I'm in Iowa).

I miss Techhouse!

The best thing about Techhouse is...EVERYTHING! I love the guys, and the girls, and the common rooms, and the 2 a.m. conversations....

Oh! And vTH!

Of course, I'm a lot ditzier here in the comic than I am in real life. Like, I definitely know stuff like who Soren is, and that he's Amish. But it is true that I ask more questions than some people.

Anyway, you should buy a Jane mug. Pinky is on it, too, and Pinky is sooooooo cute!